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| Last Updated:: 28/11/2017





Executive Development Centre, ISM, Dhanbad


The procedure for effective campus recruitment followed by T&P Cell is as follows:


  1. The T&P Cell invites various companies to visit and interview ISM students for recruitment.
  2. The T&P Cell encloses a Job Notification Form with the invitation letter. The Job Notification Form need to be filled in by the company. The completed form is to be sent through E-Mail/Fax/Post, to the T&P Cell.
  3. The companies which did not receive an invitation form from the T&P Cell can also follow the above procedure for Job Notification Form Submission.
  4. On receipt of Job Notification form, the T&P Cell will allow the company to visit the campus for a pre-placement talk either before the selection process or during the final recruitment process.
  5. The T&P Cell finalizes a suitable date for the selection processes and communicate to the company. Dates are alloted on the basis of the students perception of the job offered, viz.
    1. Job profile and growth prospects
    2. Compensation packages
    3. Past record of recruitment at ISM