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| Last Updated: 15/11/2017

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02 March - 03 March 2017: Cash Flow Evaluations for Mineral Projects and Operations


March 02, 2017 - March 03, 2017 | Toronto, Canada


DoubleTree by Hilton Toronto Downtown, 108 Chestnut Street


During this 2-day course, participants will become familiar with the concepts of a cash flow and discounted cash flow (DCF), as well as their application to mineral projects.


By the end of the course the participants will have developed:


  • A working cash flow model suitable for the evaluation of a new project.
  • An understanding of DCF evaluation metrics.
  • An understanding of discount rates and the time value of money.
  • An evaluation of a steady-state operation.
  • An evaluation of an expansion project.
  • An evaluation of a cost flow to choose between several operational alternatives.
  • A sensitivity analysis with tables and graphs.





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