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| Last Updated::17/02/2023

Major Activity


NLCIL participates in green Tamil Nadu Mission Programme; 25,000 samplings planted in a day


Date | 16th Feb 2023:


Under the Green Tamil Nadu Mission Program, Commemorating the 74th Republic Day of Nation, on Februray 15, 2023,  25,500 saplings were planted by NLC India Limited in all the mines and township area of Neyveli.




As per the National Forest Policy 1988, the forest cover should be 33% of the geological area. Now only 10% forest cover is available in Tamil Nadu. So as to make it as 33%, 23% area is to be planted with the tree saplings. 




It was decided on 19.01.2023 in the Collector’s meeting at Cuddalore to plant 4,75,330 number of tree saplings in Cuddalore district. In commemoration of the 74th Republic Day of Nation the target for NLCIL has been fixed as 25,000 by the Collector.


Accordingly, on 15.02.2023 NLCIL crossed their target by planting 25,500 saplings in the township and all the mines at Neyveli. Chief Guests Shri. T. Manoharan, Special Deputy Collector/LA, Neyveli, Shri. Tr. Rajendran, DSP, Neyveli and Smt. Muthumari, DRO/LA, Neyveli headed these vital programs.


A total of 3,000 number of Vaigai, Naval, Aavai in Mine I, 10,000 number of Naval, Pungan, Shishu, Vagai, Neermaruthu, Mahogany in Mine- IA, 12,000 number of Naval, Aavai, Pungan, Shishu in Mine- II and 500 number of Teak in Township area were planted.




In addition to this, last year, yet another week-long mass tree plantation was carried out under the Green Tamil Nadu Mission Program, instructed by Cuddalore District Collector, from 24th of September to 1st October 2022. A total of 20,000 tree saplings were planted by NLCIL.


Currently, there are around 2 crore trees in Neyveli. Planting more saplings to add on to this number will make the township more clean and green which already looks like a place fully covered by a green carpet.