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| Last Updated::18/06/2018

Major Activity


World Environment Day 5th June 2018


World Environment Day
5th June 2018


Date | June 05, 2017



IIT(ISM)ENVIS Centre (Resource Partner) and Department of Environmental Science & Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad organized various activities to celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June, 2018.


The day began with Drawing Competition for the children from Nursery to Class- VIII. For the Student of Class- IX to Class- XII, Essay Writing competition was organized and for the, M.Tech Students and Ph.D Research Scholars a Poster Presentation competition was organized.


On this occasion more than one hundred plants and saplings of different species were planted at different palaces within the campus of Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) and few around the campus. Prof. Rajiv Shekhar (Director, IIT (ISM), Dhanbad), Prof S.K. Gupta (HOD & Coordinator, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Center), Dr. Vipin Kumar (Assistant Professor & Co-coordinator, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Center),along with other professors and students from various departments took part in the plantation, and graced with their presence throughout the celebration of Word Environment Day 2018 program. Dr. A. K. Mishra (Art Teacher, Delhi Public, School, Dhanbad) was invited as a judge for the sit & draw competition.

The details of the events held are as follows:


Sit and Draw Competition
Category Participants Theme
Category - I Nursery to Standard-I Nature and Landscape
Category - II Standard-II to Standard-IV Save Trees
Category - III Standard-V to Standard-VII Conservation of Water
Category - IV Standard-VIII to Standard-X Beat Plastic Pollution



Essay Writing
Category Participants Theme
Category - I Standard-IX to Standard-XII Beat Plastic Pollution



Poster Presentation
Category Participants Theme
Category - I B. Tech, M. Tech and Ph. D Scholars Environmental Research and Mitigating Environmental Issues




Glimpses of the World Environment Day 2018 :















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