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| Last Updated::01/03/2018

Major Activity


National Seminar on "Emerging Energy Senario in India"


Date | Jan 22, 2018:

NLC, director (finance), Rakesh Kumar, government of India coal controller, Anjani Kumar and others at the inauguration of three day National Seminar organised by NLC India Limited in Neyveli.


A three day National Seminar on 'Emerging, Energy Scenario in India', organised by NLC India Limited was inaugurated by Ministry of Coal, Secretary, Susheel Kumar.


A press release said it was done through video conferencing at Neyveli Learning and Development Centre. In his inaugural speech, Susheel Kumar, expressed his concern for better environmental management and higher safety measures in the mining sector and regulation of fossil-fuel consumption to maintain ecological balance. The press note added that he is confident that India will be able to meet its renewable energy target of 175 GW by 2022.


In the press note, government of India, coal controller, Anjani Kumar, said, "Improper surface or opencast mining may cause potential harmful effect on the environment and disruption of biodiversity. Acknowledging these adverse environmental impacts, the government of India has mandated the restoration of mining areas post mine closure to create a 'self-sustaining ecosystem."


NLC, CMD, S K Acharya, in a video message, informed that NLC India organised this seminar in order to create platform to practitioners academicians, regulatory agencies from mining and power sector to pay adequate attention and address the present scenario and challenges for making India to become a global hub for clean energy.


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