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| Last Updated::02/02/2018

Major Activity


World Wetlands Day 2018


Date | 02 Feb, 2018


World Wetlands Day

Wetlands for a sustainable Urban Future


As you are aware, the World Wetlands Day (WWD) is celebrated every year on 2nd February to commemorate the signing of international treaty ‘Ramsar Convention on Wetland’ in 1971 ‘for conservation of wetlands at the global level’.


On this occasion MINENVIS Cente celebrated World Wetlands Day, 2018, today, i.e. 2nd of February, under the aegis of Department of Environmental Science & Engineering.


Among the guests present, were, Prof. A.K. Singh, Head of the Department and ENVIS Coordinator, Prof. Gurdeep Singh, Professor (HAG), Prof. S.K. Maiti, Professor, Dr. Vipin Kumar, Assistant Professor and ENVIS Faculty-in-Charge, Dr. Alok Sinha, Associate Professor and Dr. B.K. Mishra, Assistant Professor.


An interactive session with the students was held. Prof. A.K. Singh, Prof. Gurdeep Singh and Prof. S.K. Maiti gave a talk and educated us about the wetlands its importance and how can we come forward and take initiatives to protect them. A presentation on "Ramsar Convention" and "National wetland conservation programme" was given and a documentary video on "East Kolkata Wetlands" by Dr. Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, ecologist, was shown.


The theme for World Wetlands Day, 2018 is “Wetlands for a sustainable Urban Future”.


Some Glimpses from the World Wetlands Day, 2018:









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