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| Last Updated:25/11/2016

Major Activity( Archive)

Major Activity

Eco-Mine Tourism in BCCL - Nov '16


Date | Nov 21, 2016:

A batch of around 800 students along with the teachers from the different schools from all over India visited the Gokul Park, Lodna where the kinds saw the the Gokul Park and the story of its development and the adjoining mine.


An All India Gyan-Vigyan Mela was being organized in Rajkamal Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Dhanbad, in which students from schools across the nation participated. A visit to Gokul Park, Lodna was organized for these meritorious students to inculcate the thought that mining and environment can go parallel and may lead to sustainable development of the nation. All the students and teachers were excited and astonished by seeing the Eco-Park being developed at degraded mined out land.


All the accompanying teachers appreciated the effort of BCCL in reclamation of mined out.


Glimpses from the Eco-Mine Tourism in BCCL: