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| Last Updated:22/06/2016

Major Activity( Archive)

Major Activity

International Yoga Day - 21st June


List of Winners in Drawing Competition :

Group -A (Std. I to Std. III)
Topic/Theme : Draw Lotus
Name Father's Name Position
Soumili Roy Choudhary S.K.Roy Choudhary 1st
Debangana Pal Nitai Pal 2nd
Sreeja Budi G. Budi 3rd
Group -B (Std. IV to Std. VI)
Topic/Theme : Poster of Yoga
Ishani Pal Nitai Pal 1st
Dhruv Choudhary B. S. Choudhary 2nd
Debotri Das Sukanto Das 3rd
Group -C (Std. VII to Std. IX)
Topic/Theme : Fitness is the key of success
Vipransh P. N. Chaudhary 1st
Pragati Shreya P. K. Singh 2nd
Aritra Dutta Anirbandh Dutta 3rd
Group -D (Std. X to Std. XII)
Topic/Theme : Glimpse of yoga in your school days
Ritika Kumari Dinesh Kr. Dubey 1st


List of Winners in e-Essay Writing Competition :

Category - Campus Children
Topic : Importance of Yoga for School Children
Name Father's Name/ Department Position
Ms.Kaushiki Raj
(Class XII)
D/O Rajesh Kumar Mishra
Computer Centre
Anirban Banerjee
(Class X)
S/O Gautam Banerjee
RG Secretariat
Ms. Maithili Mishra
(Class VII)
D/O Rajesh Kumar Mishra
RComputer Centre
Category - Student other than research scholar
Topic : Importance of Yoga in Your Daily life
Ankur Verma
3rd Yr. B. Tech
Mining Machinery Engineering 1st
Vivek Anand
Mechanical Engineering 2nd
Manik Mittal
M.Tech- 1st Year
Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department 3rd
Category - Research Scholar
Topic : Yoga Scientific approach
Mohd Azam
Department Of Applied Physics 1st
Minashree Kumari
Department Of Applied Physics 2nd
Abhinav Gautam
Research Scholar
Department Of Mechanical Engineering 3rd
Category - Employee/Spouse
Topic : Impact of International Day of yoga Celebration Worldwide
Mrs. Purabi Das Director's Secretariat 1st
Neru Kumari Examination Section 2nd
V. Ravi Shankar L.D.C. Cash Section (Finance & Accounts Office) 3rd


Glimpse from the International Yoga Day:









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