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| Last Updated:: 02/06/2015

Phularitand Colliery on 11.07.1912


Phularitand Colliery


Date of the Accident - 11.07.1912
Number of persons killed - 21
Owner - Phularitand Coal Co.
Place - Jharia Coalfield


Due to heavy rain, the embankment of a water tank, situated about 400m away on the rise side of the incline, was breached and water rushed down the incline flooding the underground workings.


The tank measured 75 m x 45 m and the break in the embankment was about 1 m deep. The incline was situated in a low lying ground. The whole of the workings got filled in about 25 minutes.


Out of the 15 people who were working in the galleries nearby, 12 could walk out against the swift current of water with the help of the haulage rope which was lying the middle of the road. Most of the people working inbye got drowned. However, 2 persons (man and wife), who were trapped in a cushion of compressed air in the rise workings, survived and came out after 8 days.