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| Last Updated:: 02/06/2015

Loyabad Colliery on 16.1.1935


Loyabad Colliery


Date of the Accident - 16.1.1935
Number of persons killed - 11
Owner - Burrakur Coal Co. Ltd.
Place - Jharia Coalfield


A development gallery punctured into old, inaccessible, water-logged workings of the same mine. The correct extent of the water-logged workings was not shown on the mine plan. No advance boreholes were drilled. Plans were prepared at the central office of the company at Sijua. A copy of the original plan had been sent to the mine manager a few weeks before the accident. This copy was incomplete and was not signed by the surveyor. The manager was guided by this faulty copy of the plan.


As a result of this accident, the following two recommendations were made:


  1. The then existing bye-law 35 was to be amended as follows:


    The Colliery Surveyor shall make such accurate surveys and levellings as the manager may direct or as may be required by the Act, Regulations or Rules and shall accurately plot them on plans with reasonable despatch and shall sign the same and date his signature.

    [This provision corresponds to the present CMR-49(1) (a)]

  2. A new bye-law was to be added to the effect that- All tracings and copies of colliery plans shall be signed and certified by the surveyor to be true copies.

    [This provision corresponds to the present CMR-64(3)]