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| Last Updated:: 01/06/2015

Dishergarh Colliery on 20.7.1916


Dishergarh Colliery


Date of the Accident - 20.7.1916
Number of persons killed - 14
Owner - Equitable Coal Co. Ltd.
Place - Raniganj Coalfield


The explosion occurred in a depillaring district in the eastern section workings of Dishergarh seam which was worked through two inclines and one shaft. In the same workings an ignition of inflammable gas by naked lights had occurred in the previous year (1915) in which 3 men got bum injuries but survived. After this ignition, use of safety lamps was made compulsory in some parts of the workings whereas naked lights were allowed in other parts.


On the day of the accident a roof fall in the goaf had forced out inflammable gas into the workings where it got ignited by the naked lights used by the miners. The explosion was fortunately local in its effects; it did not spread further than the immediate locality and there were no signs of violence. All the victims died of bum injuries.


The Court of Inquiry formed the opinion that the rule regarding the use of safety lamps had not been observed. The rule implied that air passing over safety lamps, where such were required by the rule, must not be taken over naked lights, however much it was diluted.