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| Last Updated:: 01/06/2015

Dishergarh Colliery on 18.11.1918


Dishergarh Colliery


Date of the Accident - 18.11.1918
Number of persons killed - 10
Owner - Equitable Coal Co. Ltd.
Place - Raniganj Coalfield


The explosion occurred in Sanctoria seam in which gas had occasionally been detected. After the explosion in 1916 in the Dishergarh seam at this colliery, safety lamps had been introduced throughout the colliery and this system was in force until January, 1918 when, at the request of the Manager, the Agent sanctioned the lighting of the whole of Sanctoria seam with naked lights except in advance drivages where safety lamps were to be used.


The explosion occurred at 9 a.m. on a Sunday in a goaf where an accumulation of inflammable gas was ignited by the naked lamps of some persons. 14 persons were engaged in building two ventilation stoppings with stone masonry and some of them were getting the fallen stones from the nearby goaf. No test for gas in the goaf had been made before the work was commenced and probably no official had visited the work site on that day.


Although the use of naked lights did not constitute a breach of the Rules; yet in view of the past history of the colliery, the re-introduction of naked lights in January, 1918 in the Sanctoria seam was a grave error of Judgment on the part of the management.