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| Last Updated:: 02/06/2015

Central Saunda Colliery on 15.06.2005


Central Saunda Colliery


Date of the Accident - 15.06.2005
Number of persons killed - 14
Owner - Central Coalfields Limited
Place - South Karanpura Coalfield


The accident was caused due to connection between working district of Bansgarha seam and overlying water-logged abandoned workings of Hathidari seam caused by fall of roof. The accident occurred due to failure as keeping Hatidari seam (lying above and within 60m of working district of Bansgarha seam) free of water as required by condition number 5.3 of permission letter no. RR/10297/Perm I00(l)/03/2930 dated 20.11.03 granted under regulation 100(1) of Coal Mine Regulation 1957. The seam was extracted beyond permitted area in panel no. 11 forming an exposure of fault plane constituted to the fall of roof and subsequently inundation.