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| Last Updated:: 03/08/2020

List of Ph.D. - Ongoing



Sl.No. Student
Name / Registration No.
Name of Guide/co-guide Title of Ph.D Thesis Ongoing/ Dropped Photo
  Rima Kumari
Mob: 7004557877
- - Ongoing
  Sonali Maithili
Mob: 9113755085
- - Ongoing
  Saumya Anand
Mob: 9546269212
- - Ongoing
  Rohit Patel
Mob: 9473973141
- - Ongoing
  Pronay Das
Mob: 8013809607
- - Ongoing
  Bhanu Pratap Singh
Mob: 9525076997
- - Ongoing
  Nitish Kumar
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. P.K. Singh - Ongoing
  Ankur Singh
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. Vipin Kumar - Ongoing
  Sanchit Kumar
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. Anshumali - Ongoing
  Aakansha Kumari
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. S.K. Gupta - Ongoing
  Aakansha Singh
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. B.K. Mishra - Ongoing
  Sumit Dahiya
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. B.K. Mishra - Ongoing
  Anjali Kumari
D/O Suman kumar,
Flat No-301, Malti Kunj,
Lane No-6, Jayprakesh Nagar,

Mob: +91-7209305021
Prof. Alok Sinha
Dr D.B.Singh
Remediation of Ground Water Contaminated with Hexavalent Chromium(Cr+6) in Sukinda Valley, Odisha, Using Nano Zero Valent Iron (n-ZVI) Technology Ongoing
  Nitu Kumari
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dr. M.K. Jain
Environmental Aspects of Fly-Ash Utilization with Particular References in Mining Areas Ongoing DOJ: 27.12.2017
  Shilpi Mandal
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dr. M.K. Jain
Assessment of the Impact of Mine Fires on Ambient Air Quality as well as some Plant Species in some Selected Coal Mining Areas of Jharia Coalfield, Dhanbad, India. Ongoing DOJ: 27.12.2017
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. P.K. Singh Qualitative Assessment of Groundwater and Soil Near Mining and Industrial Area and in-situ Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater and Soil by some Suitable Techniques of Bokaro District (Jharkhand), India Ongoing
  Purnendu Sardar
Mob: +91-7003946305
Dr. S. R. Samadder Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Mangrove Ecosystem in Sundarban Area Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Ongoing
  Vivek Singh
Mob: +91-7599388991
Dr. S. R. Samadder Assessment of Water Quality Parameter and Identification of Sources of Pollutants of a River Watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Ongoing
  Shravan Kumar
Mob: +91-9570278451
Dr. M. K. Jain An Investigation into the Indoor Air Quality of Sub-Urban Areas and Associated Health Impacts. Ongoing
  Pritam Mazinder Baruah
Mob: +91-9854768289/ +91-8638012205
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Augmentation of Mine Water for Potable Purpose from The Coal Mines of Eastern India. Ongoing
  Priya Mukherjee
Mob: +91-8092394542
Dr. Saravanan Pichiah Development of New Microbial Electrochemical System for Enhancing the Electricity Production with Simultaneous Hydrogen Evaluation. Ongoing
  Ankita Rani
Mob: +91-8420882383
Dr. Saravanan Pichiah Fabrication of Novel Z-Scheme Photocatalytic System for Enhanced Quantum Efficiency Under Visible Light. Ongoing
  Nidhi Malik
Mob: +91-9650141109
Dr. Suresh Pandian Elumalai Study on Effects of Atmospheric Acid Deposition on the Ecosystems. Ongoing
  Lobzang Chorol
Mob: +91-8969891525
Prof. S.K. Gupta Impact of Urbanisation on Groundwater Quality on Leh, Ladakh. Ongoing
  Shalini Singh
Mob: +91-854585240
Dr. Vipin Kumar Enhanced Mercury Biosorption and Assay the Mercuric Reductase by Bacterial Strains: An Innovative Approach to Effective Mercury (II) Bio Removal. Ongoing
  Nitin Kumar
Mob: +91-7250792007
Prof. S.K. Gupta Assessment of Energy Recovery Potential of Bio-Digester Fed with Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste. Ongoing
  Sneha Bandyopadhyay
Mob: +91-9433907932, +91-7595826916
Prof. S.K. Maiti Evaluation of Ecological Restoration Success of Afforested Post - Mining Lands and Development of Sustainable Indicator Parameters. Ongoing
  Dipita Ghosh
Mob: +91-9411365127
Prof. S.K. Maiti Application of Biochar for Ecological Restoration and To Enhance Carbon Sequestration in Coal Mine Degraded Land. Ongoing
  Madhurya Ray
Mob: +91-7273964983
Dr. Vipin Kumar&
Dr. Chiranjib Banerjee
Enhancement of Biosurfactant production by Co-culture of Oil Degrading Bacteria. Ongoing
  Shivam Saw
Mob: +91-8434641369
Dr. P.K. Singh Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment of Study Area and Estimation of Groundwater Suitability Evaluation by Different Models and Suitable Techniques for Management. Ongoing
  Suyog Gupta
Mob: +91-8896273755
Prof. S. K. Gupta Water Quality Modelling of Damodar River using Statistical Concepts & Hybrid Soft Computing Techniques. Ongoing
  Abhinav Raj
Mob: +91-9724910939
Dr. Alok Sinha Assessment and Remediation of Surface and Ground Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium in Sukinda Valley, Odisha, India. Ongoing
  Sneha Kumari
Mob: +91-8340768736
Prof. S.K. Maiti Assessment of the Recovery of Reclaimed Mine Soil Fertility with Emphasis on Soil Amendments, Nitrogen and Carbon Stock , Deep Seated Carbon Accumulation and Carbon Sequestration. Ongoing
  Silvia Dutta
Mob: +91-8902524728
Dr. M.K. Jain Assessment Of Land Use Changes In A Coalfield Area And Its Impact On Environment By Using Remote Sensing And GIS Technology. Ongoing
  Diwakar Kumar
Mob: +91-8210800539
Prof. S.K. Gupta Removal of Direct Blue 86 Dye From Wastewater Using Electrochemical Method. Ongoing
  Jaydev Kumar Mahato
Mob: 9835336468
Prof. S.K. Gupta Development of Novel Adsorbent for NOM (Natural Organic Matter) removal from Drinking Water. Ongoing
  Ashok Kumar
Mob: 9451854198
Prof. S.K. Gupta Investigating Enhance Coagulation/Fiocculation process for Removal of Natural Organic Matter from Drinking Water. Ongoing
(Converted to Part-Time)
  Parmita Chawley
Mob: NA
Dr. Sheeja Jagadevan Biological Conversion of Methane to Methanol Ongoing
  Aneek Kuila
Mob: NA
Dr. Saravanan Pichiah Development of a visible light induced alternative photocatalyst to remove the organic matter from water Ongoing
  Dharmendra Singh Ken
Mob: +91-9165053536
Dr. Alok Sinha Synthesis, Characterization & Application of Biochar Supported Nano-Composite for Remediation of Organic & Inorganic Pollutants Ongoing
  Vijay Laxmi Mohanta
Mob: NA
Dr. B. K. Mishra Establishment of suitable Aggregation function for development of River Pollution Indices (RPI) & cluster zone for selected stretch of Damodar River using Hyperion data Ongoing
  Ahmad Nawaz
Mob: +91-8797870028 Email:
Dr. Saravanan Pichiah Design and fabrication of hybridized nano photo-catalyst for utilization of full solar spectrum. Ongoing
  Ambasht Kumar
Mob: NA
Dr. Suresh Pandian E. The air pollution control strategies in the industries Ongoing
  Nirmalendu Sekhar Mishra
Mob: NA
Dr. Saravanan Pichiah Synthesis of surface modified functionalized nanoadsorbent for the enhanced removal of organics and inorganics from aquatic stream Ongoing
Mob: NA
Prof. A. K. Pal Strategic Approach for CO2 reduction in coal fired thermal power plant Ongoing
  Madavi Venkatesh
Mob: NA
Dr. Anshumali Geochemical Investigation of Heavy Metals and REEs in Water and Surface Sediments: An Implication in Restoration and Conservation of Ken and Betwa Rivers Ongoing
  Niwas Kumar
Mob: NA
Dr. Chiranjib Banerjee
Dr. Sheeja Jagadevan
Algal Biomass Harvesting through Bio polymeric Approach Ongoing
  Charulata Sivodia
Mob: NA
Dr. Alok Sinha Degradation of clarithromycin and cytarabine drug through electrochemical oxidation catalysed by nZVI and CuNPs Ongoing
  Krishna Yadav
Mob: NA
Dr. S. Jagadevan Low-cost removal of fluoride from ground water using biochar as an adsorbent Ongoing
  Sitaram Verma
Mob: NA
Dr. Alok Sinha Remediation Of Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater By Nano Cast Iron Particles Using SORAS Technology Ongoing
  Astha Singh
Mob: NA
Dr. B. K. Mishra Kinetics of Hybrid process of Electrochemical & Photo catalytic System for Removal Selected Pharmaceutical Waste Ongoing
  Sandeep Kumar Chaudhry
Mob: NA
Dr. Suresh Pandian Evaluation of interdependency between urbanization, vehicular emission and transport policy Ongoing
  Priya Pariyar
Mob: NA
Dr. M.K. Jain A study on release of some green house gases from degraded land due to mining activities against vegetated land Ongoing
  Soni Kumari
Mob: NA
Dr. S. Jagadevan Biologically and Chemically mediated Stuvite Crystallization from Nutrient- rich Wastewater: A Sustainable Approach to recover Phosphorus Ongoing
Mob: NA
Dr. B. K. Mishra Performance evaluation of natural and hybrid coagulant for the treatment of dye wastewater Ongoing
  Azeem Uddin Siddiqui
Mob: NA Email:
Dr. M.K. Jain Identification and validation of point source contamination in mineral bearing area with the help of remote sensing and GIS Ongoing
  Nilesh Kumar
Mob: NA
Dr. M. K. Jain Soil quality assessment along the roadways in mining and non-mining areas of Dhanbad. Ongoing
(Converted to Part-Time)
  Hariraj Singh
Mob: NA
Dr. B. K. Mishra Treatment Feasibility of Electro-Coagulation Process for Removal of Priority Pollutants in Coke Oven Wastewater. Ongoing
  Atul Kumar
Mob: NA
Dr. S. R. Samadder Evaluating the Energy Recovery Potential for Better Management of Municipal Solid Waste Ongoing
  Abhilash Chandra Mohanpuriya
Mob: NA
Dr. P. K. Singh Groundwater potential zone mapping and hydrological inferences from watershed analysis and its management using Remote sensing and GIS in part of Ranchi district, Jharkhand, India Ongoing
(Converted to Part-Time)
  Preeti Kumari
Mob: NA
Prof. S. K. Maiti Assessment of pollution load and its impact on Dimna Nallah: interconnecting lantic (Dimna Lake) and lotic (Subarnarekha River) habitats in Jamshedpur Ongoing
  Ankit Kumar
Mob: NA
Dr. Suresh Pandian The impact of Urbanization on the micro-climate. Ongoing
Mob: NA
Dr. Alok Sinha Zerovalent Iron Assisted Microbial Degradation of Hexavalent Chromium Ongoing
  Megha Tyagi
Mob: NA
Dr. S. Jagadevan Bio-degradation of cyanide , phenolic and aromatic hydrocarbons from coke oven wastewater. Ongoing
  Pratishtha Gupta
Mob: NA
Dr. Vipin Kumar Bioaugmentation Assisted Phytoextraction of Heavy Metal using Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria in soils nearby tannery industrial area of the Kanpur city, India. Ongoing
  Arukula Deepa
Mob: NA
Dr. B. K. Mishra Performance and evaluation of hybrid treatment system of biological and electrocoagulation removal of pollutants in tannery waste water Ongoing
  Deep Raj
Mob: NA
Prof. S. K. Maiti Analysis of Mercury in soil,coal and Fly-ash and its bio-accumulation in plants and phytoremediation by Brassica juncea (L.) Czern Ongoing
  Arpan Sarkar
Mob: +91-9570450247+91-8406814363
Dr. B.Paul Study of Arsenic Remediation from Water by Nano Materials Ongoing
  Isha Burman
Mob: +91-8406814363+91-8406814363
Dr. Alok Sinha Treatment of Synthetic Leachate by Combined Anaerobic MBR and CANON Process. Ongoing
127 Shweta Kumari
Mob: +91-9835428071+91-9835428071
Dr. M.K. Jain
Dr. Suresh Pandian E
An Investigation into the Air Quality Status and its Impact on Quality of Soil along National Highway in Dhanbad city, India Ongoing
126 Anu Rana
Mob: +91-9031443760+91-9031443760
Dr. Sheeja Jagadevan Ground water Arsenic Remediation by combined Application of Biological and Nanoscale ZVI induced Oxidation Ongoing
124 Neha
Mob: +91-9452315469+91-9452315469
Dr. Alok Sinha
Dr. Vipin Kumar
Bio degradation of Pharmaceuticals in Soils through Solid State Fermentation (SSF) Ongoing
123 Roshan Prabhakar
Mob: +91-9102723149+91-9102723149
Dr. S. R. Samadder Assessment of the Field Applicability of Nano-Adsorbents for Arsenic Removal from Ground water Ongoing
122 Dinesh Kumar Patel
Mob: +91-9454820395+91-9454820395
Dr. M.K. Jain Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Studies Along Highway in Dhanbad, India Ongoing
121 Nisha Kumari
Mob: +91-7503370648+91-7503370648
Dr. Sheeja Jagadevan Arsenic Oxidizing Bacterial Culture from Arsenic Contaminated Soil and Water Systems of West Bengal: Identification, Characterization and Potential in Bioremediation Ongoing
  Bijendra Kumar
Dr. Anshumali Phosphorus Fractionation in surface sediment: An implication in restoration and conservation of Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar, Singrauli, M.P. Ongoing
120 Prem Prakash
Mob: NA
Dr. B. K. Mishra Optimization of electrokinetic process for removal of organic compounds and metals from soil/ sludge with modified electrolytes Ongoing
120 Sukla Saha
Dr. Alok Sinha Treatment of acid mine drainage with innovative physico-chemical methods Ongoing
120 Anil Kumar
Dr. Suresh Pandian E Evaluating the effects of road transport on air quality and greenhouse gases Ongoing
120 Praveen Purty
Dr. P. K. Singh A GIS based approach for Watershed Management and Delineation of Potential Run-off/Rainwater Harvesting Sites in part of East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, India. Ongoing
119 Amal Krishna Saha
Dr. Alok Sinha Application of Nano Zero-Valent Iron (Nzvi) for Dehalogenation of Organo Chlorine Pesticides in Sub-Surface Environment Ongoing