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| Last Updated:: 10/04/2023

List of Ph.D. - Ongoing



Sl.No. Student
Name / Registration No.
Name of Guide/co-guide Title of Ph.D Thesis Ongoing/ Dropped Photo
  Rahul Jatav
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan Development of a low cost technology based on biochar supported green zerovalent iron for arsenic and fluoride removal from water Ongoing
  Wilson Kandulna
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. M.K. Jain Impact of Coal Mining on Surface Urban Heat Island Ongoing
  Sai Shankar Sahu
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Maiti Assessment of the potential of bioethanol and biochar production from plant biomass and phytoremediation of heavy metals contaminated soil Ongoing
  Ravindra Singh
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Alok Sinha Occurrence and Removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products as emerging contaminants from waste water using bismuth tungstate based photocatalysts. Ongoing
  Pratima Kumari
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.R. Samadder Assessment of the potential for preparation of graphene from organic municipal solid wastes and its application for industrial waste water treatment Ongoing
  Dixita Phukan
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Vipin Kumar Design and Development of an Integrated Microbial Electrochemical System with Microalgal Biomass for the treatment of wastewater rendering zero discharge of carbon dioxide Ongoing
  Aparna Srivastava
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. B.K. Mishra Different approaches for the photocatalytic removal of contaminants from aqueous environment: Titania vs. hybrid catalyst. Ongoing
  Rima Kumari
Mob: 7004557877
Prof. S.R. Samadder Integration of life cycle perspective in the development of resource recovery method from e-wastes: A sustainable approach. Ongoing
  Saumya Anand
Mob: 9546269212
Prof. Vipin Kumar Studies on mechanisms of bacterial enzymes mediated cadmium removal Ongoing
  Rohit Patel
Mob: 9473973141
Prof. P.K. Singh A mathematical and GIS based approach for modeling and noise mapping of Ambient, Traffic and Industrial noise environment in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand Stae, India. Ongoing
  Ankur Singh
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. Vipin Kumar Microbial Biosensors: A novel approach for detection and quantification of heavy metals Ongoing
  Sanchit Kumar
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. Anshumali Study on riverbank agriculture in riparian zones: Adapting to climate change. Ongoing
  Aakansha Kumari
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. S.K. Gupta Assessment & evaluation of micro plastics in the surface water resource Ongoing
  Aakansha Singh
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. B.K. Mishra Synthesis of bioanode and its performance evaluation in hybrid microbial fuel cell. Ongoing
  Sumit Dahiya
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. B.K. Mishra Synthesis of application materials in flow electrode capacitive deionization for performance enhancement in field of desalination and heavy metal removal from water. Ongoing
(Converted to Part-Time)
  Anjali Kumari
D/O Suman kumar,
Flat No-301, Malti Kunj,
Lane No-6, Jayprakesh Nagar,

Mob: +91-7209305021
Prof. Alok Sinha
Dr. D.B.Singh
Remediation of Ground Water Contaminated with Hexavalent Chromium(Cr+6) in Sukinda Valley, Odisha, Using Nano Zero Valent Iron (n-ZVI) Technology Ongoing
  Juhi Rani
Mob: -
Prof. Biswajit Paul Techniques for Arid Region recclamation and waste utilization w.r.t lignite mining area of Gujarat. Ongoing DOJ: 27.12.2017
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. P.K. Singh Qualitative Assessment of Groundwater and Soil Near Mining and Industrial Area and in-situ Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater and Soil by some Suitable Techniques of Bokaro District (Jharkhand), India Ongoing
  Purnendu Sardar
Mob: +91-7003946305
Prof. S. R. Samadder Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Mangrove Ecosystem in Sundarban Area Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Ongoing
  Vivek Singh
Mob: +91-7599388991
Prof. S. R. Samadder Assessment of Water Quality Parameter and Identification of Sources of Pollutants of a River Watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Ongoing
  Shravan Kumar
Mob: +91-9570278451
Prof. M. K. Jain An Investigation into the Indoor Air Quality of Sub-Urban Areas and Associated Health Impacts. Ongoing
  Pritam Mazinder Baruah
Mob: +91-9854768289/ +91-8638012205
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Augmentation of Mine Water for Potable Purpose from The Coal Mines of Eastern India. Ongoing
  Ankita Rani
Mob: +91-8420882383
Prof. Saravanan Pichiah Fabrication of Novel Z-Scheme Photocatalytic System for Enhanced Quantum Efficiency Under Visible Light. Ongoing
  Nidhi Malik
Mob: +91-9650141109
Prof. Suresh Pandian Elumalai Study on Effects of Atmospheric Acid Deposition on the Ecosystems. Ongoing
  Lobzang Chorol
Mob: +91-8969891525
Prof. S.K. Gupta Impact of Urbanisation on Groundwater Quality on Leh, Ladakh. Ongoing
  Shalini Singh
Mob: +91-854585240
Dr. Vipin Kumar Enhanced Mercury Biosorption and Assay the Mercuric Reductase by Bacterial Strains: An Innovative Approach to Effective Mercury (II) Bio Removal. Ongoing
  Nitin Kumar
Mob: +91-7250792007
Prof. S.K. Gupta Assessment of Energy Recovery Potential of Bio-Digester Fed with Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste. Ongoing
  Sneha Bandyopadhyay
Mob: +91-9433907932, +91-7595826916
Prof. S.K. Maiti Evaluation of Ecological Restoration Success of Afforested Post - Mining Lands and Development of Sustainable Indicator Parameters. Ongoing
  Shivam Saw
Mob: +91-8434641369
Prof. P.K. Singh Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment of Study Area and Estimation of Groundwater Suitability Evaluation by Different Models and Suitable Techniques for Management. Ongoing
  Suyog Gupta
Mob: +91-8896273755
Prof. S. K. Gupta Water Quality Modelling of Damodar River using Statistical Concepts & Hybrid Soft Computing Techniques. Ongoing
  Abhinav Raj
Mob: +91-9724910939
Prof. Alok Sinha Assessment and Remediation of Surface and Ground Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium in Sukinda Valley, Odisha, India. Ongoing
  Sneha Kumari
Mob: +91-8340768736
Prof. S.K. Maiti Assessment of the Recovery of Reclaimed Mine Soil Fertility with Emphasis on Soil Amendments, Nitrogen and Carbon Stock , Deep Seated Carbon Accumulation and Carbon Sequestration. Ongoing
  Silvia Dutta
Mob: +91-8902524728
Prof. M.K. Jain Assessment Of Land Use Changes In A Coalfield Area And Its Impact On Environment By Using Remote Sensing And GIS Technology. Ongoing
  Diwakar Kumar
Mob: +91-8210800539
Prof. S.K. Gupta Removal of Direct Blue 86 Dye From Wastewater Using Electrochemical Method. Ongoing
  Parmita Chawley
Mob: NA
Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan Biological Conversion of Methane to Methanol Ongoing
  Dharmendra Singh Ken
Mob: +91-9165053536
Prof. Alok Sinha Synthesis, Characterization & Application of Biochar Supported Nano-Composite for Remediation of Organic & Inorganic Pollutants Ongoing
  Ambasht Kumar
Mob: NA
Prof. Suresh Pandian E. The air pollution control strategies in the industries Ongoing
  Nirmalendu Sekhar Mishra
Mob: NA
Prof. Saravanan Pichiah Synthesis of surface modified functionalized nanoadsorbent for the enhanced removal of organics and inorganics from aquatic stream Ongoing
  Charulata Sivodia
Mob: NA
Prof. Alok Sinha Degradation of clarithromycin and cytarabine drug through electrochemical oxidation catalysed by nZVI and CuNPs Ongoing
  Krishna Yadav
Mob: NA
Prof. S. Jagadevan Low-cost removal of fluoride from ground water using biochar as an adsorbent Ongoing
  Sitaram Verma
Mob: NA
Prof. Alok Sinha Remediation Of Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater By Nano Cast Iron Particles Using SORAS Technology Ongoing
  A.K. Mishra
Mob: NA
Prof. Anshumali Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of Archeological Structures in the State of Haryana, India Ongoing
  Nilesh Kumar
Mob: NA
Prof. M. K. Jain Soil quality assessment along the roadways in mining and non-mining areas of Dhanbad. Ongoing
(Converted to Part-Time)
  Ankit Kumar
Mob: NA
Prof. Suresh Pandian The impact of Urbanization on the micro-climate. Ongoing
122 Dinesh Kumar Patel
Mob: +91-9454820395+91-9454820395
Prof. M.K. Jain Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Studies Along Highway in Dhanbad, India Ongoing
120 Prem Prakash
Mob: NA
Prof. B. K. Mishra Optimization of electrokinetic process for removal of organic compounds and metals from soil/ sludge with modified electrolytes Ongoing
120 Praveen Purty
Prof. P. K. Singh A GIS based approach for Watershed Management and Delineation of Potential Run-off/Rainwater Harvesting Sites in part of East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, India. Ongoing