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| Last Updated:: 13/06/2022

List of Ph.D. - Awarded


Sl.No. Student
Name / Registration No.
Name of Guide/co-guide Title of Ph.D Thesis Completion Year Photo
  Vikas Pandey
Mob: NA
Email: -
Prof. Vipin Kumar
Dr. Rohit Kumar Mishra, Univ. of Allahabad, UP, India
(Eternal Co-guide)
An investigation into the influence of Koradi Thermal Power Plants' ash pond leachate on groundwater in the surrounding areas Completed
(June 2022)
  Ahmad Nawaz
Mob: NA
Email: -
Prof. Saravanan Pichiah Full Solar Light Harvesting Nano Hybrid Photocatalysts for Removal of Aquatic Pollutants. Completed
(May 2022)
  Amit Kumar Mishra
Mob: NA
Email: -
Prof. Anshumali Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of Archaelogical Structures in the State of Haryana, India Completed
(March 2022)
  Amarjeet Singh
Mob: NA
Email: -
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Air Quality Impact Assessment of the Western Part of Jharia Coalfield, Jharkhand, India Completed
(March 2022)
  Aneek Kuila
Mob: NA
Prof. Saravanan Pichiah Visible Light Induces Smart Photocatalysts for Enhanced Photocatalysis Completed
(February 2022)
  Atul Kumar
Mob: NA
Prof. S. R. Samadder Assessment of Generation Rate, Energy Recovery Potential and Environmental Impacts of Municipal Solid Waste for Better Management Completed
(February 2022)
  Soni Kumari
Mob: NA
Prof. S. Jagadevan Phosphorous recovery from nutrient-rich wastewater through struvite crystallization Completed
(February 2022)
  Azeem Uddin Siddiqui
Mob: NA Email:
Prof. M.K. Jain A Comparitive Study of Sources Identification of Soil Toxic Elements in Coal Mining Areas and their Impact on Human Health Completed
(January 2022)
  Nisha Kumari
Mob: +91-7503370648
Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan Evaluation of Bacterial Arsenic Metabolism in Isolates from Contaminated Groundwater and Sediment Completed
(December 2021)
Mob: NA
Prof. B. K. Mishra Feasibility of Zirconium Oxychloride for the Dye Wastewater Remediation based on Coagulation and Adsorption Process Completed
(December 2021)
  Arukula Deepa
Mob: NA
Prof. B. K. Mishra Sorption and Biological Degredation of Pre-Treated Tannery Wastewater in Biochar based Laboratory Filters with Active Biofilm Completed
(December 2021)
  Anil Kumar
Prof. Suresh Pandian E Evaluating the effects of road transport on air quality and greenhouse gases Completed
(November 2021)
  Anu Rana
Mob: +91-9031443760+91-9031443760
Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan Treatment of Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater by Nano Zero-Valent Iron and Indigenous Arsenite Oxidizing Bacteria Completed
(October 2021)
  Megha Tyagi
Mob: NA
Prof. S. Jagadevan Hybrid systems for treatment of cyanide and phenol from coke-oven wastewater. Completed
(September 2021)
124 Neha
Mob: +91-9452315469+91-9452315469
Prof. Alok Sinha
Prof. Vipin Kumar (Co-Guide)
Treatment of Synthetic Pharmaceutical Wastewater Containing Anticonvulsant (Gabapentin) and Lipid Regulating (Gemfibrozil) Drugs by Microbiological Process. Completed
(June 2021)
119 Amal Krishna Saha
Prof. Alok Sinha Application of Modified Nano Zero-Valent Iron (nZVI) for Dehalogenation of Endsulfan Completed
(June 2021)
  Preeti Kumari
Mob: NA
Prof. S. K. Maiti Assessment of Pollution Load in Lentic and Lotic Habitats and their Interconnecting Canal with Emphasis on Metal (Loid), Macro-Invertebrates and Fish in an Industrial City (Jamshedpur, India) Completed
(June 2021)
123 Roshan Prabhakar
Mob: +91-9102723149+91-9102723149
Prof. S. R. Samadder Assessment of the Performance of Nano alumina and its Composite based Adsorbent for Arsenic Removal from Groundwater Completed
(May 2021)
  Niwas Kumar
Mob: NA
Prof. Chiranjib Banerjee
Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan(Co-Guide)
Algal Biomass Harvesting through Bio-polymeric Approach Completed
(April 2021)
  Isha Burman
Mob: +91-8406814363+91-8406814363
Prof. Alok Sinha Treatment of Synthetic Leachate by Combined Anaerobic Hybrid Membrane Bioreactor (AN-HMBR) and Anammox Process. Completed
(March 2021)
  Rabindra Nath Thakur
(2012DR1055) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Gupta
Prof. Alok Sinha (Co-Guide)
Reinforcement of Soil Using Fly Ash, Cement and Treated Jute Geotextile for Highway Construction Completed
(January 2021)
  Deep Raj
(2015DR0171) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Maiti
Prof. Partha Sarathi Paul (Co-Guide)
Assessment of potentially toxic elements in coal, fly ash and soil and phytoremediation of mercury by Brassica Juncea (L.) Czern Completed
(December 2020)
  Arpan Sarkar
(2015DR0031) Mob: +91-9570450247
Email: NA
Prof. Biswajit Paul
Dr. Gobinda Gopal Khan (Co-Guide) Deptt. of Material Science & Engg., Tripura University
Engineered metal-oxide based nanostructures for remediating Arsenic from potable water. Completed
(November 2020)
(2015DR0187) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Alok Sinha Microbial assisted reduction of hexavalent chromium by high carbon iron filings. Completed
(November 2020)
  Pratishtha Gupta
(2015DR0184) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Vipin Kumar
Dr. Vijay Kumar Gupta (External Guide) Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia
Microbial assisted phytoremediation and assay of chromate reductase enzyme in effective remediation of hexavalent chromium from contaminated agricultural soils. Completed
(November 2020)
  Mr. Shahjad Ali
(2013DR1084) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Gupta
Prof. Alok Sinha (Co-Guide)
Detailed investigation of fluoride and its control in Agra region. Completed
(November 2020)
  Mr. Shanti Priya Ghosh
(2015DR1115) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Maiti Studies on the Metal Contamination in Roadside Soil and Vegetation due to Vehicular Emissions along the National Highways and its Impact on Roadside Ecosystem. Completed
(September 2020)
  Hariraj Singh
(2015DR0229) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. B.K. Mishra Electrochemical Oxidation of Phenol, Cyanide and Aniline in Coke Oven Wastewater: Parametric Optimization, Reaction Mechanism and Byproduct Toxicity Evaluation. Completed
(August 2020)
  Sukla Saha
(2014DR0228) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Alok Sinha Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage using Modified Fly Ash and Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag. Completed
(August 2020)
  Rachit Ghosh
(2014DR1064) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Gupta,
Dr. Sanjay Kumar (External Guide), CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur,
Prof. Anil Kumar (External Co-Guide), NIFFT, Ranchi
Performance Evaluation of Fly-Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete using Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate. Completed
(August 2020)
  Aaditya Chaturvedi
(2014DR1126) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Vipin Kumar
Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh (External Guide), CSIR-CIMFR, Dhanbad
Geo-Environmental Study of Groundwater Resources of Subarnarekha River Basin with Special Reference to Pesticides and Heavy Metal Distribution. Completed
(August 2020)
  Awanindra Pratap Singh
(2013DR1085) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. S.K. Gupta
Dr. V.A. Mendhe (External Guide), CSIR-CIMFR, Dhanbad
Appraisal of Coalbed Methane Produced Water and its Impact on Aqifer in Raniganj Coalfield, West Bengal. Completed
(July 2020)
  Shruti Mishra
(2015DR1167) Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. M.K. Jain,
Prof. Vipin Kumar
Dr. L.B. Chaudhary (External Guide)
Dynamics of Soil CO2 Efflux in Tropical Deciduous Forest Ecosystem of Northern India. Completed
(June 2020)
  Priti Saha
(2014DR0213) Mob: NA
Prof. B. Paul Water Quality Assessment and Geospatial Mapping in and around Durgapur Industrial City, West Bengal, India. Completed
(June 2020)
  Nishi Kant
Prof. P. K. Singh Hydrological Effects of Landuse Pattern and Determination of Health Risk Assessment with Reference to Heavy Metals in the Groundwater of Jamshedpur Township Area, Jharkhand, India. Completed
(February 2020)
  Sourav Kumar Mondal
Prof. Alok Sinha Treatment of synthetic pharmaceutical wastewater containing Ciprofloxacin and Gabapentin drugs by modified Advanced Oxidation Pocesses (AOPs) Completed
(January 2020)
  Rupa Rani
Prof. Vipin Kumar Biodegradation of endosulfan by Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria Completed
(January 2020)
  Bijendra Kumar
Prof. Anshumali Phosphorus Fractionation in surface sediments: An implication in restoration and conservation of Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar, Singrauli, M.P. Completed
(January 2020)
  Balakrushna Panda
Prof. Anshumali Study on Morphometry and Water Chemistry of the Ken River System, Central India Completed
(December 2019)
111 Juli Kumari
Prof. B. Paul Evaluation of Sediment Yield Characteristics and Fixed Nutrient in Middle Stretch of Damodar River, Eastern India Completed
(November 2019)
  Ashish Kumar
Prof. Anshumali Atmospheric Studies Using Remote Sensing Techniques and In-Situ Measurements Over the Himalayan Regions Completed
(October 2019)
  Mamta Besra
Prof. Vipin Kumar Studying the Antibacterial Activities of Herbal Plants Extract With Special Emphasis on Dental Caries Completed
(September 2019)
  Divya Pal
Mob: +91-7301099068
Prof. S.K. Maiti Heavy Metal Pollution, Associated Risk Characterization in Different Components (Sediment, Water, and Fish) of Lentic and Lotic Habitat and its Remediation in Lentic Habitat Completed
(August 2019)
  Shivesh Kishore Karan
Prof. S. R. Samadder Development of a spatially explicit framework for vulnerability assessment of water resources due to coal mining in India Completed
(August 2019)
  Anand Govind More
Prof. S.K. Gupta Investigating Feasibility of Bio-Electrochemical Reactor for Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Electroplating Effluents Completed
(May 2019)
  Manu Mehta
Prof. Anshumali
Dr. Narendra Singh
(External Guide), ARIES Nainital
A Global Study on Spatio-Temporal Variability of Aerosols Inferred from Space Borne Measurements. Completed
(May 2019)
  Poornima Verma
Prof. P.K. Singh Assessment of Hydro-Geochemical Characteristics of Groundwater Resources and Development of Contamination Index for Bokaro District, Jharkhand, India. Completed
(January 2019)
  Tanwi Priya
Mob: NA
Prof. B. K. Mishra Spectral Indices Modelling Approach for Treatment of Aromatic Fractions of Natural Organic Matter to Control Trihalomethanes Precursors Completed
(December 2018)
  Kumari Priyanka
Prof. Anshumali Study on carbon fractions in uncultivated and cultivated soils around damodar river basin Completed
(November 2018)
  Jayeeta Saha
Prof. S.K. Gupta Development of a cost effective electro-chlorination system - A sustainable approach towards drinking water disinfection Completed
(November 2018)
  Vivek Rana
Mob: NA
Prof. S.K. Maiti
Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan
Assessment of natural wetlands and its evaluation for treatment of wastewater using Typha latifolia and Colocasia esculenta - A sustainable approach Completed
(November 2018)
  Sasmita Chand
Pro. B. Paul
Dr. Manish Kumar
(Scientist, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, External Guide)
Leaching and Carbonation Investigation of LD Slag Waste from different Steel Industries in Eastern India Completed
(October 2018)
  Gauri Gupta
Prof.Vipin Kumar
Prof. A.K. Pal
Effectiveness of Degradation Potential of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Biosurfactant Producing Bacteria in Single and Consortium Cultures Completed
(September 2018)
  Shiv Kumar Yadav
Prof. M.K Jain An investigation into emission inventory and source apportionment study of air quality along selected road network of Jharia Coalfield, Dhanbad, India Completed
(September 2018)
  Sujata Upgupta
Prof. P.K. Singh Impact of Mining and Allied activities on Land use, land cover and Forest vulnerability in East Bokaro Coalfield Region of Jharkhand Completed
(August 2018)
  Arindam Barman
Prof. Anshumali Study on Diversity of Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch. Ex Poir) Germplasms of Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India Completed
(August 2018)
  Jitendra Ahirwal
Prof. S.K. Maiti
Prof. A.K. Singh
Reclaimed Minesoil Quality and Carbon Sequestration Potential of Mining Induced Landuse Changes in a Dry Tropical Climate. Completed
(June 2018)
  Pooja Yadav
Prof. S.R. Samadder Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Different Municipal Solid Waste Management Scenarios Using Life Cycle Assessment Approach Completed
(April 2018)
  Anup Kumar Gupta
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. Biswajit Paul Utilization of Coal Mine Overburden Waste as Underground Mine Filling Material at Jharia Coalfield, India Completed
(March 2018)
  Sunil Kumar Gupta
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. Suresh Pandian E Traffic and Meteorological Impacts on Urban Air Quality and Associated Health Risk Completed
(March 2018)
  Ravi Sahu
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. S. Pandian E Study on traffic generated pollutants at traffic calming devices and its management Completed
(March 2018)
  Surajit Panda
Mob: +917549169022; +919635805063
Dr. M.K. Jain Geospatial technology for mapping and study of iron ore exploration and environmental sustainability in some part of West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand Completed
(March 2018)
  Avik Banerjee
Prof. S.K. Maiti Carbondioxide Sequestration using Microalgae in a Photobio-reactor and Biofuel Production. Completed
(March 2018)
  Satya Narayan Bag
Mob: -
Email: -
Prof. A.K. Pal Assessment of Socio Environment, Industrial Injury and Profitability status of two Jute Mills of West Bengal, India Completed
(March 2018)
  Shweta Singh
Mob: -
Email: -
Dr. Suresh Pandian E. Assessment of Coal Mine Derived Particulate Matter Deposition on nearby Areas of Open Cast Coal Mines Completed
(March 2018)
  Krisnenedu Banerjee
Mob: +91-8958076182/ +91-9679826823
Dr. M.K. Jain Geospatial Technology for Porphyry Copper Mapping and Environmental Assessment in Some Part of East Singhbhum District, Jharkhand Completed
(March 2018)
  Shonam Sharma
Dr. P.K. Singh Estimation of the Relationship between Trends of Seasonal Rainfall with Aquifer Recharge in Mining Area and the Development of Spatial Seasonality Index Completed
(February 2018)
  Santosh Kumar Verma
Mob: +91-7499992622
Prof. S.K.Maiti
Dr. L.C. Ram
(Chief Scientist & SIC, CSIR-CIMFR, External Guide)
Impact of Fly Ash in the surroundings of Thermal Power Plant with respect to Heavy Metals, Rare Earth Elements, and PAHs on Soil Biological activities and assessment of Toxicity Risks Completed
(February 2018)
120 Kriti Shukla
Dr. Anshumali Study on Biogeochemistry of some micronutrients in agricultural soils around Sidhi District, M.P., India Completed
(February 2018)
  Snigdha Kundu
Prof. A.K. Pal Characterization and Emission Inventory of Airborne Dust Particles in Selected Open Pit Mines of Jharia Coalfield, India Completed
(February 2018)
  Ritu Ranjan Sinha
Dr. P.K. Singh Evaluation of Infiltration Behavior and Assessment of Water Poverty Index in Dhanbad Municipal Area, Jharkhand, India Completed
(February 2018)
  Veena Dhammanand Manwar
Prof. A.K. Pal Assessment of Noise Propagation and Distribution in Mechanized Surface Mining Complex and Nearby Areas Through Noise Mappping Completed
(February 2018)
  Sneh Lata
Dr. S.R. Samadder Assessment of Iron Impregnated Banana Pith Biochar Adsorbent For As (V) Removal from Drinking Water Completed
(February 2018)
  Sridevi Jena
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Ambient Air Quality Assessment with Particular Reference to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals In An Industrialized Belt Of Dhanbad, Eastern India” Completed
(February 2018)
  Abhrajyoti Tarafdar
Dr. Alok Sinha Environmental Profiling and Advance Biodegradation Studies of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Completed
(January 2018)
102 Zeba Usmani
Dr. Vipin Kumar Study on Accumulation of Heavy Metals from Coal Fly-Ash through Vermi-composting using Indigenous Earthworm Species. Completed
(January 2018)
90 Anamika Dey
Mob: NA
Email: NA
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Coping Creatively with Climatic Risk: People's Knowledge, Institution and Resource Management Strategies Completed
(December 2017)
  Radha Rani
Dr. M.K Jain Environmental Evaluation of Fly-Ash from Selected Thermal Power Plants with Reference to Mine Filling. Completed
(December 2017)
90 Sujeet Kumar Mritunjay
Mob: NA
Dr. Vipin Kumar Microbiological Safety Evaluation and Recommentdation of Raw Eaten Salad Vegetables Completed
(December 2017)
101 Arti Hansda
Dr. Vipin Kumar
Dr. Anshumali
Isolation and Characterization of Cu(II) ant Bacteria and their Plant Growth Promoting Activities Completed
(November 2017)
  Prasenjit Adak
Dr. Suresh Pandian E
Prof. A.K. Pal
Study on Effects of Private and Public Transport on Vehicular Exhaust Emission (VEE) and Strategies to Improve Ambient Air Quality of Dhanbad Road Networks Completed
(September 2017)
Prof. A. K. Pal
Dr. Suresh Pandian E
Assessment of The Impacts of Air Pollutants from Anthropogenic sources on Plant Physiology on Soil Completed
(March 2017)
  Sumit Kumar Chaudhry
Mining Engg. Dept.
Dr. Dheeraj Kumar
Dr. M.K. Jain
Investigation into the Satellite Image Fusion and Quality Assessment Techniques for Land use Application. Completed
(March 2017)
  Brahmdeo Yadav
Prof. Sunil Kumar Gupta Geotechnical Investigation and Design of Compacted Clay Liner (CCL) using Local Soil of Jaduguda Uranium Ore Mines Completed
(March 2017)
  Minashree Kumari
Prof. Sunil Kumar Gupta Risk Assessment, Modelling and Control of Trihalomethanes (THMs) from Crinking Water Completed
(March 2017)
  Aliya Naz
Prof. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Dr. B.K. Mishra
Risk assessment of chromium in the chromite mine water and its Bio remediation Completed
(March 2017)
  Debleena Bhattacharya
Prof. Sunil Kumar Gupta “Biodegradation of Antibiotic residuals in the effluent of Pharmaceutical Industry” Completed
(March 2017)
  Ashvani Kumar
Dr.Vipin Kumar
Analysis of Contaminant Leeching From Coal Combustion Residues into Surface Water, Soil, and Groundwater Completed
(March 2017)
  Jitin Rahul
Dr. Manish Kumar Jain Biodiversity of vascular plants and atmospheric heavy metal deposition along the national highway-2, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India Completed
(March 2017)
  Abhiroop Chowdhury
Prof. S.K. Maiti Effect of metal pollution and salinity rise on the mangrove ecosystem and their mitigation measures: a case study from Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, India. Completed
(Feb 2017)
  Anjani Kumar
Dr. P.K. Singh
Evaluation of mine water and development of suitable techniques for ascertaining its suitability for proper management in Western Part of Jharia Coal Mining Region, Jharkhand. Completed
(Feb 2017)
  Lata Dora
Prof. S.K. Maiti
Prof. Anshumali
Study of Phytoplankton Community as a Bio-indicator for Water Pollution in Damodar River. Completed
  Atahar Perwez
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Air Quality Impact Assessment with Special Reference to Particulate Pollution due to Iron Ore Mining Activities in North Goa Mining Region Completed
88 Binay Prakash Panigrahy
Dr. P.K. Singh Assessment of groundwater level fluctuation with respect to recharge in Jharia coalfield region, Jharkhand Completed
  Rimi Das
Prof. S.K. Maiti Assessment of carbon sequestration potential of reclaimed coalmine sites with emphasis on carbon fractionations. Completed
  Deepa Agarwal
Prof. A.K. Pal Investigation into the Occupational Health problems of mine dust for coal miners in Jharia Coalfield, India Completed
76 Neha Shreya
Dr. Biswajit Paul Geotechnical assessment of geoliner using fly ash of Thermal Power Plants around Jharia Coalfields, India. Completed
  Swati Tomar
Prof. Sunil Kr Gupta “Performance Evaluation of Anammox Hybrid Reactors for the treatment of ammonical nitrogen rich waste water.” Completed
  Asmaa Naaz
Dr. Anshumali Studies on Ground Water Quality and Heavy Metal Toxicity in the Sidhi District, Madhya Pradesh, India Completed
75 Chandravir Narayan
Dr. Anshumali The Study on Plant Diversity in Tropical Deciduous Forest of Bokaro District, Jharkhand Awarded (2016)
74 Rakesh Kant Kamal
Prof.Gurdeep Singh Impact Assessment of Mining Activities on Water Quality in Goa Region Awarded (2016)
73 Ashwani Kuamr Tiwari
Dr. P. K. Singh GIS based aquifer vulnerability Assessment and Qualitative Analysis of Water Resource in a Coal Mine in Jharkhand Awarded (2016)
72 Subhabrata Banerjee
Prof. S.K. Maiti Study of pollution load on Subarnarekha river by an industrial town (Jamshedpur) and its impact on biotic components. Awarded (2016)
71 Sampurna Nand
Dr. Biswajit Paul Geotechnical Assessment of Overburden for Utilization as Landfill Material in Chasnalla Opencast Colliery, Jharia Coalfield, Eastern India Awarded (2016)
70 Anuradha Kumari
Dr. Biswajit Paul “Investigation into Microbial degradation of commercial explosives and their conversion into bio –products” Awarded (2015)
69 Debishree Khan
Dr. Sukharanjan Samadder Evaluating the scenario and the option for solid waste management using GIS: A case study in the city Dhanbad, Jharkhand Awarded (2015)
68 Sandipan Ray
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Prof. P.S. Gupta (Aplied Physics)
Development of an underground coalmine Methane sensor using thin film semiconductor Awarded (2015)
67 Raja Kumar
Dr. Alok Sinha “Enhancing Biodegradability Of Textile Azo Dyes by Ozonation and High Carbon Iron Fillings” Awarded (2015)
66 Yangdup Lama
Dr. Alok Sinha
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Reduction of Chlorinated Pesticides by High Carbon Iron Filings (HCIF) and Nano- Valent Iron (nZVI). Awarded (2015)
65 Mr. Prabhunath Singh
(2010 DR1019)
Dr. P. K. Singh Study of Water Resources and its Management in and around the Ranchi Township Area in Jharkhand, India. Awarded (2015)
64 Anil Kumar Singh
(2012 DR1094)
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Characterization and biocompatibility studies on electron beam curable polyurethane based adhesive for bio-medical application. Awarded (2015)
63 Shruti Mishra
Dr. Anshumali “Study on Biodiversity of leguminous and non- leguminous plant species in Jharia Coalfield”. Awarded (2015)
62 Mukesh Kr Mahato
Dr. Prasoon Singh Quantitative & Qualitative Assessment of Water Resources with Contaminant Transport Modeling of East Bokaro Coalfield Area.” Awarded (2015)
61 Sweta Sinha
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Assessment of ambient Air Quality And its Impact on Social Spectrum in Unstable (Subside and Fire)Areas of Jharia Coalfield, Eastern India” Awarded (2015)
60 Adarsh Kumar
Prof. S.K. Maiti Study of Environmental Impacts of Chromate and Asbestos mines Waste and its Bioremediation Awarded (2015)
59 Brijesh Kumar Mishra
Dr. S. K. Gupta
Dr. Alok Sinha
Predetective Modelling Approach of Disinfection by Product in Drinking Water Awarded (2014)
58 Avantika Chandra
Dr. M. K. Jain An Investigations on Environmental Impact of Mine Waste Leachate Contaminants: Sustainable Approach for Mine Waste Management. Awarded (2014)
57 Shrabani Sen
Dr. Vipin Kumar A Comparative study of different manures and fly ash to find out their optimum combination for efficient re-vegetation of overburden dumps in Jharia Coalfields. Awarded (2014)
56 Debanand Roy
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Source Apportionment study of Ambient Air Pollution Sources of SPM10 within Dhanbad/Jharia Coalmining Zone and their Cost Effective management Planning” Awarded (2014)
55 Bibhuti Bhusan Mandal
Prof. A. K. Pal
Dr. Sumantra Bhattacharya
Development of A Protocol for Evaluatio0n of Human Vibration Hazard Potential of Mining and Processing Equipment used in Indian Mines. Awarded (2014)
54 Tripti
Dr. Vipin Kumar
Dr. Anshumali
Study on Pesticide Tolerant Bacteria and their Phosphate Solubilisation activity: An approach towards Bio-fertilizers Preparation. Awarded (2014)
53 Bhawna Dubey Prof. A. K. Pal
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
An Investigation into Air Quality Status of Jharia Coalfield, Eastern India Awarded (2013)
52 Arpita Das Dr. M K Jain
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Environmental Evaluation of Coal and Lignite Fly Ash from Various Thermal Power Plants in India Awarded (2013)
51 Dipanwita Bhakat Dr. P K Singh
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Groundwater Resource Evaluation and its Qualitative Assessment in Jharia Coal field Region, Jharkhand Awarded (2013)
50 Sanjoy Kumar Prof. S Chaudhuri
Prof. S. K. Maiti
Study of Reclamation Capabilities of Thick Alluvial Cover in Eastern Part of Raniganj Coalfield Awarded (2012)
49 Shibam Mitra Dr. S K Gupta Bio-degradation of chlorinated ethenes in anaerobic hybrid reactor Awarded (2012)
48 Sangeeta Mukhopadhyay Prof. S. K. Maiti Study of Soil Quality Indicator Parameters to Assess the Health of Reclaimed Coal mine Degraded Land Awarded (2012)
47 Arvind Kumar Ray Dr. Biswajit Paul Investigation into Backfill Design of Opencast Mines with Reference to Jharia Coalfield Eastern India Awarded (2012)
46 Rizwan Reza Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dr. M. K. Jain
Water Quality Assessment from Various Coal Mines and Industries and its Impact on River Water System in Talcher-Angul Region of Orissa, India Awarded (2012)
45 Gautam Bandyo- padhyaya Prof. A. K. Pal
Shri R C Bhattacharya
Investigations into the role of Women in Rural Societal Environmental Management Awarded (2012)
44 Rakesh Kumar Singh Prof. Gurdeep Singh Development of a Process Technology for Destruction of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Oils by Gamma Radiation and its Characterization Awarded (2011)
43 Papiya Roy Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Prof. A. K. Pal
Air Quality Assessment and its impact on Social Spectrum on Talcher Coalfield, Orissa, India Awarded (2009)
42 Ruchi Singh Dr. P K Singh Impact of Mining and Urbanization on Land use and Vegetation Diversity in Angul-Talcher Region, Orissa Awarded (2011)
41 Richa Sharan Dr. S K Gupta
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Impact of Mining and Urbanization on Land use and Vegetation Diversity in Angul-Talcher Region, Orissa Awarded (2011)
40 Suman Prof. A. K. Pal
Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Assessment of Air Quality Status and its Impacts on Social Spectrum of Angul-Talcher area in Orissa, India Awarded (2011)
39 Meda Venkataiah Prof. Gurdeep Singh Studies on Zero Waste Management in Iron Ore Mines of Bellary District, Karnataka, India Awarded (2011)
38 B P Sinha
Prof. Gurdeep Singh Assessment of Air Borne Asbestos Fibres in Work Environment of Asbestos Mines and Processing Plants in Indian Scenario and its Mitigation Measures Awarded (2010)
37 Soma Giri Prof. Gurdeep Singh Distribution of Heavy Metals & radionuclides in Soil, Water & Dietray components around Bagjata and Banduhurang Uranium mining Areas of East Singhbhum, Jharkhand Awarded (2010)
36 Sumit Mishra Prof. Gurdeep Singh Environmental Assessment of Coal Combustion Residues with Particular reference to Leaching of Trace Elements from some Thermal Power Plants of India. Awarded (2010)
35 Ritesh Kumar Prof. Gurdeep Singh Environmental Assessment of Coal Combustion Residuals from a few Thermal Powerr Stations Awarded (2009)
34 Jyoti Prabha Prof. Gurdeep Singh Development and Validation of Emission Factor Equations for the Estimation of Fugutive Dust from some select Opencast Coalmines in India Awarded (2008)
33 Manab Das Prof. S.K. Maiti Bioremediation of Copper Mine Tailing with Special Emphasis on Metal Accumulation, Distribution and Tolerance in Plants Awarded (2008)
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29 Anurag Tiwary Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dr. A. K. Pal
Investigation into the Air Quality status and its impacts on Social Spectrum of the Coal Mining Areas of Korba Industrial Belt of Chhattisgarh Awarded (2007)
28 Ashutosh Roul Prof. A. K. Pal Investigation into the Environmental Impacts of Noise in Mines and Refinery Complex of NALCO Awarded (2006)
27 Ram Narayan Tripathi Prof. N. C. Saxena Investigations into the Development of a Model for Community Development Planning for Coal Mining Complexes Awarded (2006)
26 Uday Chand Kumar Prof. A. K. Pal Investigations into the Socio-Economic Status of a Rural Community for assessing their QoL (Quality of Life) and for suggesting measures for improving the same Awarded (2006)
25 Sumana Banerjee Prof. S K Maiti Biodegradability of phenol in coke oven effluent in laboratory and bench scale studies. Awarded (2004)
24 Surinder Kumar Puri Prof. Gurdeep Singh BInvestigation on air pollution with special reference to particulate trace elements and their effect on population in Korba area Awarded (2004)
23 Dilip Kumar Markandey Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dr. S. K. Maiti
Assessment of Heavy Metals Biosorption Efficiencies of some Microbial Isolates in Multi Component Aqueous Environment. Awarded (2003)
22 Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer Prof. Gurdeep Singh Environmental effects of Chrome rollers used by cotton Roller Ginning Industries and and design & development of eco-friendly alternative. Awarded (2003)
21 E Saranathan Dr.(Mrs) Rekha Ghosh Resource evaluation and development of strategies for pollution management of Dhanbad district of Bihar through remote sensing and GIS application. Awarded (2003)
20 Vinod Prasad Sinha Prof. A. K. Pal Investigations into the environmental impacts of noise in TISCO Collieries Jharia Division Awarded (2003)
19 Biswajit Paul Dr.(Mrs) Rekha Ghosh Investigations into utilisation of fly ash in economic management of mining degraded land with special reference of TISCO leasehold area in Jharia Coalfield Awarded (2002)
18 Vijayanand Sharma Prof.N.C.Saxena Studies on the effect of fly ash on growth and nutrition of vegetable and flower crops and tree species. Awarded (2002)
17 Kanwal Krishan Malhotra Prof. N. C. Saxena Design of a reclamation strategy for the wastelands created by coal mining. Awarded (2002)
16 Debi Prasad Tripathy Prof. Gurdeep Singh Environmental Quality Assessment in some Fire Areas of Jharia Coalfield. Awarded (2001)
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12 Abhay Kumar Soni Prof. N. C. Saxena Integration strategy for development and exploitation of natural mineral resources of ecological fragile area. Awarded (1998)
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10 Aniruddha Roy Prof. S. P. Bannerjee Study on the Environmental Impacts of Limestone Mining and Slope Stability using remotely sensed and ancillary data- case studies from southern Himachal Pradesh. Awarded (1998)
9 Kumar Nikhil Prof. N. C. Saxena Vegetation succession on coal mining O/B dumps for Sustainable Ecological Development. Awarded (1998)
8 Bipul Kumar Prof. Gurdeep Singh Characterisation and treatment of Spent Pot Liner for environmental compliance. Awarded (1997)
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4 Subrato Sinha Prof. S. P. Bannerjee Characterisation and control of haul road dust in opencast mines. Awarded (1995)
3 Bably Prasad Prof. Gurdeep Singh Studies on characterisation and abatement of coke-oven liquid effluents. Awarded (1994)
2 Praveen Kumar Sharma Prof. Gurdeep Singh Investigation on Air Quality Assessment in some coal mining areas of Raniganj Coalfield of India. Awarded (1991)
1 Deep Shankar Chatterjee Dr. (Mrs) Rekha Ghosh Land reclamation around Raniganj, Raniganj Coafield, Eastern India, with special stress on its water potentialities and its management. Awarded (1991)