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| Last Updated:: 23/05/2018






A. R&D Projects Carried forward from Previous years :
Sl. No. Project Number Title of the Project Coordinator(s) Total cost of the project (Rs. in lakhs) Sponsoring agency
1. MRD(1)/2010-2011/290/ESE Disinfection by-products formation and their management in water supplies in India Dr. S K Gupta
Assoc. Prof
7.38 MRD
2. MOEF(13)/2011- 2012/294/ESE Regional Environmental Impact Assesssment Study of Goa Region Prof Gurdeep Singh 202.21 MOEF
3. DST(64)/2011-2012/306/ESE Preparation of Baseline document for fly ash utilization management in coal and mining sector Prof Gurdeep Singh 5.14 DST
4. MWR(3)/2012-2013/308/ESE Estimation of Aquifer Potential in Jharia Coal Mining Region with Suitable Techniques to improve the recharge Dr. P.K. Singh
Assoc. Prof.
28.54 MWR
5. UGC(79)/2012- 2013/318/ESE Assessment of groundwater level fluctuations with respect to changing patterns of rainfall in Jharia coal mining region
Objective: To evaluate the relationship between rainfall and aquifer recharge of the region and suggest conservation aspects in suitable region of the study area.
Dr. P. K Singh
Assoc. Prof.
9.256 UGC



B. R&D Projects Received during the Financial year 2013-14 :
Sl. No. Project Number Title of the Project Coordinator(s) Total cost of the project (Rs. in lakhs) Sponsoring agency
1. DST(95)/2013-2014/ 381/ESE Influence of chlorine disinfectant and natural organic matter gradients on disinfection by-product formation in drinking water of some Indian cities Dr. Brijesh Mishra
Asstt. Prof
20.60 DST




Abbreviations of the Sponsoring Organizations:

DST     : Department of Science & Technology
UGC     : University Grants Commission
CSIR    : Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
MoES    : Ministry of Earth Sciences
MoEF    : Ministry of Environment & Forests
MOC     : Ministry of Coal
CIL     : Coal India Limited
MWR     : Ministry of Water Resource
DAE     : Department of Atomic Energy
PCRA    : Petroleum Conservation Reserve Association
IPEM    : International Project Erasmus Mundus
ICSSR   : Indian Council of Social Science Research
MRD     : Ministry of Rural Development
ISRO    : Indian Space Research Organisation