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| Last Updated:: 25/01/2016





A. Consultancy Projects carried forward from Previous Years:
Sl. No. Consultancy Project Number Title of the Consultancy Project Consultant In-Charge Sponsoring Organization
1. 0267 Preparation of Regional Environmental management Plan for Angul-Talcher- Meramundali area of Orissa. Prof. Gurdeep Singh OSPB
2. 0339 Preparation of Mine Plan for TASRA, SAIL, OCP for clearance from ministry of Coal as RQP. Dr. B. Paul SAIL
3. 0415 Advice on Preparation of Coal-Mine Plan As RQP, To CMRI, Dhanbad Dr. B. Paul CMRI
4. 0575 Hydrological & Water quality studies for Panandhro, Umarsar, Akrjota mining area of GMDC. Dr. P. K. Singh GMDC
5. 0568 Consultancy work for environmental clearance /EMP of Sand Mining Leases of Tata Steel. Dr. B. Paul TSL
6. 0778 Representation of EMPs for NCPH UG and Kuracia OC Mines of Chirimiri Area of SECL as per EIA Notification – 2006 Prof. Gurdeep Singh SECL
7. 0799 Preparation of Mining Plan for rock materials at Little Andaman, island for Ministry of Shipping. Dr. B. Paul MSRT
8. 0925 Rehabilitation of Jharia - Mine Survey in the area of Fire Zone area of Jharia Coalfields Prof. Gurdeep Singh JRD
9. 0962 Building Institutional Capacity for Sustainable Environment and Social Management in Mining Sector in Afghanistan Prof. Gurdeep Singh MM
10. 0975 Documentation of the Thematic Cluster of Mining As per CSD Guidelines. Prof. Gurdeep Singh MOEF
11. 1011 Stack Monitoring of Coke plant. Prof. Gurdeep Singh SAFL
12. 1051 Testing of Drinking water sample from Bhuli Treatment Plant, BCCL Prof. Gurdeep Singh BCCL
13. 1098 Testing of water, soil and air noise samples in roadside along NH23 and NH22 Prof. Gurdeep Singh RCL
14. 1235 Monitoring of Environmental Parameters in respect of Air, Noise, Water & Stocle Unit 7 & 8 of CTPS Chandrapura Dr. S. K. Gupta DVC
15. 1285 Study for compliance of forestry clearance conditions in respect of Ghanudih and Bera Projects of Bastacola BCCL Prof. Gurdeep Singh BCCL
16. 1299 Testing of water samples of 12.00 RHS Shankardih and 57.250 LHS Pabia Camp. Prof. Gurdeep Singh SEL-GKC
17. 1333 Preparation of pre-feasibility from I Report for Coal washery of Kaphila Industries Prof. Gurdeep Singh KI
18. 1345 Report on air pressure on 16/2/2011 of Basantimata Hard Coke Enterprizes Prof. Gurdeep Singh BHCE
19. 1440 Monitoring of Environmental Parameters in respect of Ambient air Stack Monitoring Noise Level and Effluent Discharge at BTPS B (O&M). Dr. Alok Sinha DVC
20. 1462 Pre Feasibility Report of Kenduadih Coal Block, BCCL Ltd. Dr. Biswajit Paul DCL
21. 1516 Preparation of Environmental Statement Report of Bermo Mines, DVC Dr. P K Singh DVC
22. 1711 Sustaniable Mine Planning for Iron Ore Mining in Megalahalli & R & R Plan Dr. Biswajit Paul SSGL
23. 1752 Solid Waste Management Plan & Activity Prof. S. K. Maiti NSPL
24. 1815 Rapid EIA/EMP for Dungri-Petia Sand Leases, Tata Steel Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
25. 1816 Rapid EIA/EMP for Tetangabad Sand Leases, Tata Steel Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
26. 1817 Monitoring of Environmental Parameters in respect of Ambient air, Stack Monitoring Noise Level & Effuent of DVC, BTPS ‘B’ Dr. Alok Sinha DVC
27. 1955 Preparation of Environmental Management Report for DVC Mines. Dr.B. Paul DVC
28. 2038 Testing of Water Sample from PB Area of BCCL. Mr. B. K. Mishra BCCL
29. 2065 Environmental audit at OP Jindal Super Power Thermal Power Plant (4 x 250 MW) Prof. Gurdeep Singh JPL
30. 2082 Water sample testing of DWS Division, Hazaribagh. Mr. B. K. Mishra DWS
31. 2100 Testing of Wastewater Samples. Dr. S. K. Gupta BCCL
32. 2116 Study of Illegal Mines in CIL Subsidiaries (ECL, BCCL, CCL). Dr. Biswajit Paul CIL



B. Consultancy Projects commenced during Financial Year 2013-14:
Sl. No. Consultancy Project Number Title of the Consultancy Project Consultant In-Charge Sponsoring Organization
1. 2123 Stage I Forest Clearance for MOEF at Brahamani Coal Block of Pursh Steel & Mining (P) Ltd. Prof. Gurdeep Singh PSML
2. 2135 To Assess the Impact of Gev-green Blanket in Soil & Water avality Bodies. Prof. Gurdeep Singh SVFU
3. 2165 Solid Waste Management Plan & Activity for 3 years Jan, 13 to Dec. 2015. Prof. S.K. Maiti NSPL
4. 2197 Off-campus course on Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing to MCL Executives. Prof. Gurdeep Singh MCL
5. 2205 Testing of Heavy Metals Trall Metals of Water Samples Mr. B. K. Mishra ARDS
6. 2206 Water Sample Testing of Rajrappa Area. Mr. B. K. Mishra HIL
7. 2210 Repid EIA/EMP for Sand Lease of Tata Steel, Kunji Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
8. 2211 Rapid EIA/EMP for Sand Lease of Tata Steel - Dungri & Bhowrah. Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
9. 2211 Rapid EIA/EMP for Sand Lease of Tata Steel - Mohulbani & Gourkhuti Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
10. 2213 Rapid EIA/EMP for Premsinghdih Sand Lease of Tata Steel Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
11. 2214 Statutory Environmental Audit at jindal Stainless Ltd. Prof. Gurdeep Singh JSS
12. 2220 Evnironmental (Chemical & Leachability Study A Fly Ash for JPL Prof. Gurdeep Singh JPL
13. 2225 Testing of Dust Sup Chemical (Dust Track). Prof. Gurdeep Singh GEIIPL
14. 2231 Monitoring of Environmental Parameters in respact of ambient air stock Monitoring Noise level and effluent discharged of BTPS Dr. Alok Sinha DVC
15. 2235 Testing of Water (Damodar River) Mr. B. K. Mishra RL
16. 2296 EIA Study on the Impact of Leaching due to storage of fly ash on the Surface and mine voids of the dumping Area of Rajarappa Site Mr. B. K. Mishra HIL
17. 2315 Preparation of Environmental Management Report for DVC Mines. Dr. Biswajit Paul DVC
18. 2318 Efflnent Analysis as per EPA 1986 PIS 2296 Mr. B. K. Mishra TSL
19. 2331 Testing of Mine Water Effluent from Bararee Colliery Mr. B. K. Mishra BCCL
20. 2332 Testing of Industrial Effluent Mine, Pitwater (1 No.) Mr. B. K. Mishra BCCL
21. 2333 Testing of Mine Pit Water and Filtur Water (2 No.) Mr. B. K. Mishra BCCL
22. 2356 Evaluation of Sustainable Development Project of ECL under MOU 2013-13 (First Phase) Dr. P. K. Singh ECL
23. 2367 Efluent Analysis as Per EP Act 1986 Dr. S. K. Gupta TSL
24. 2371 Environmental Monitoring by Third Party Dr. S. K. Gupta NTPC
25. 2392 Disaster management Plan for Coking Coal Washery. Dr. Biswajit Paul TSL
26. 2412 Studyt of Leaching of Heavy Metals Dr. S.K. Gupta TSL
27. 2425 Sieve Analysis of Bottom Ash of CTPS Dr. Anshumali BCCL
28. 2432 Analysis of one air Sample at the Surface of the mine & One Water Sample from the Main discharge of Mine Water Mr. B. K. Mishra BCCL
29. 2441 Setting up suitable Municipal solid waste management Technique Dr. S.R. Samaddar NMDC
30. 2455 Conducting Annual Compreshensive Environment Audit at O.P. Jindal Super Thermal Power Plant Tammar Raigarh Prof. Gurrdeep Singh JPL
31. 2483 Water Table Study of Sarabh Automobile Plant Dr. S. K. Gupta SA
32. 2484 Water Table Study of Sarabh Automobile Plant Dr. S. K. Gupta SA
33. 2492 Environmental Evaluation for Opencast and Underground Feasibility for Parso Block, CSPGL, AEL Dr. Biswajit Paul PCL



C. Professional Development Programmes (PDP) Executed during Financial Year 2013-14:
Sl. No. Course Number and period Programme Coordinator (Department) Number of participants Weeks
1. 2197
27/6/13 to 29/6/13
Environment Impact Assessment & Auditing Off- Campus Course. Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dept. of ESE
20 3 days
2. 2273
2/9/13 to 7/9/13
Hands on Training of CMPDIL Personnel Prof. S. K. Maiti
Dept. of ESE
05 1 week
3. 2317
21/08/13 to 23/08/13
3 days off campus course on EIA & Auditing for NTPC Executives. Prof. Gurdeep Singh
Dept. of ESE
14 1 week




Abbreviations of the Sponsoring Organizations:

A&A     : Agrawal & Associates, Allahabad
ACL     : Auroma Coke Ltd., Dhanbad
ADSPL   : Ana-Digi Sales (P) Ltd., Bangalore
ATPS    : Anpara Thermal Power Station Sonebhadra
BAL     : Balasore Alloys Ltd., Orissa
BBCL    : B. B. Coke Ltd., Dhanbad
BCCL    : Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Dhanbad
BEL     : Bengal Energy Ltd., Kolkata
BHCE    : Basantimata Hard Coke Enterprizes, Dhanbad
BKE     : B. K. Enterprises, Dhanbad
BTPS    : Bokaro Thermal Power Station, Bokaro
CBI     : Central Bureao of Investigation, Dhanbad
CCL     : Central Coalfield Limited, Ranchi
CDE     : CDE Asia
CGWB    : Central Ground Water Board, Patna
CIMFR   : Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, Dhanbad
CMPDI   : Central Mining Planning Design Institute, Ranchi
CMSPL   : Calcutta Mining Sealants Pvt. Ltd., Burdwan
CPO     : Coke Plant Oven, Dhanbad
DDC     : Deputy Development Commissioner, Dhanbad
DDIL    : Dharti Dredging & Infrastructure Ltd., Vishakhapatnam
DMG     : Dept. of Mines & Geology, Govt. of Jharkhand
DVC     : Damodar Valley Corporation
ECL     : Eastern Coalfield Limited, Sanctoria
EGSS    : Environmental Geo-Spacial Solutions, Chennai
EIMCOEL : EIMCO Elecon Ltd., Vidyanagar
ESCL    : Electrosteel Castings Ltd., Kolkata
ESL     : Electrosteel Ltd., Kolkata
FACOR   : Facor, Bhadrak.
FCI     : Food Corporation of India, Aravalli
FNGPL   : Fagro Nexterra Geophysics Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
GMDC    : Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation, Ahmedabad
HCL     : Hindustan Copper Limited, Kolkata
JHC     : Jai hanuman Cement, Jamtara Rd. Nirsha, Dhanbad
ISPL    : Intech Safety Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata
ITI     : ITI College, Korba
JMSIPL  : Joy Mining Services India Pvt. Ltd.
JNIL    : Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd., Raigarh
JPL     : Jindal Power Ltd., Raigarh
JSMDCL  : Jharkhand State Mineral Dev. Corporation Ltd.
KAMP    : Kabul & Afghanistan Mining Project
KI      : Kaphila Industries, Dhanbad
L&T     : Larson & Turbo Ltd.
MCL     : Mahanadi Coalfield Ltd., Sambalpur, Orissa
MCLMI   : MCL & Mekon International, Talcher, Orissa
ME      : Many Enterprises, Dhanbad
MIEL    : Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd., Raigarh
MIL     : Muva Industries Ltd., Ranchi
MM      : Ministry of Mines, Govt of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
MMD     : Mercantile Marine Department, Kolkata
MRS     : Mine Rescue Station, Ramgarh
MSEL    : McNally Sayaji Engg. Ltd., Dhanbad
MSRT    : Ministry of Shiping Road Transport, Andaman
NECL    : Navayuga Engg. Company Ltd., Barh
NHPC    : National Hydro Power Corporation
NTPC    : National Thermal Power Corporation
NCL     : Northern Coalfield Limited
OMCL    : Orissa Mining Corpn, Ltd., Keonjhar
OSPB    : Orissa State Pollution Board, Orissa
PHPTPS  : Panki, Harduanj & Parichha TPS
PTIL    : Panduranga Timbla Industries Ltd., Margao
PTPS    : Parichha Thermal Power Station
PVRIBPL : PVR Inshield Bituminous Pvt. Ltd.
QCD     : Quality Control Dept., Dhanbad
RCL     : Rodic Contents Ltd., Ranchi
RCMC    : Ranisati Coke Mfg. Company, Dhanbad
RRE     : R R Enterprises, Nagpur
RSTPS   : Rihand Super Thermal Power Station, Sonebhadra
SAFL    : Sri Aurobindo Fuels Ltd., Dhanbad
SAIL    : Steel Authority of India Limited
SALSL   : SAL Steel Ltd., Gandhidham
SCCL    : Singareni Collieries Company Ltd.
SCL     : Superna Chemicals Ltd. Mumbai
SCPL    : Shivam Coke Pvt. Ltd.
SECL    : South Eastern Coalfield Ltd.
SEL-GKC : SEL-GKC (JV), Dhanbad
SGS     : Société Générale de Surveillance, Dhanbad
SGL     : SGL, Dhanbad
SNSC    : S N Sunderson & Co., Dhanbad
SRGSCL  : SRG Service & Consultancy (P) Ltd. Kolkata
SSCMIPL : S. S. Coke Mfg. Industries P Ltd., Kolkata, and others
TIPL    : Tega Industries Pvt. Ltd.
TRL     : Tata Refractories Ltd., Belpahar
TSL     : Tata Steel Ltd.
UC      : Unyrshape Corporation, Ranchi
UCIL    : Uranium Corporation of India Limited
UMPL    : Utkarsh Mining Private Ltd., Dhanbad
UPRVUNL : UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd., Kanpur
VL      : Voltas Ltd.
VPT     : Visakhapatnam Port Trust
VSLMC   : VSL Mining Co., Sandur
VSSPL   : Vijay Savre Safety Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
WB      : World Bank
WCL     : Western Coalfield Limited