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| Last Updated: :10/09/2020


Title : Spontaneous heating problem in BG panels - a major constraint in coal extraction in SCCL mines
Subject : Mine Fire
Volume No. : 50
Issue No. : 9
Author : I. Ahmad, N. Sahay, N. K. Varma and V. K. Singh
Printed Year : 2000
No of Pages  : 351-355
Description : 




Spontaneous heating problem in working BG panels durng extraction is a major threat to safety and productivity in SCCL mines. Investigation carried out by Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI) in BG II block B panel at VK7 incline mine of Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. have revealed that improvement in face ventilation and inertisation of passive goaf using high pressure nitrogen foam may be a viable solution to control/prevent fire and spontaneous heating in working BG panels.



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